International Symposium on Underwater Technology 

March 6-9, 2023 In Person Meeting (with webinar option) 

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Author Guidelines for Manuscript Preparation 

Deadline for Manuscript Submission: December 19, 2022

All Authors (Technical Session presenters and Student Poster presenters) are required to: 1) Register for conference participation and 2) Prepare and submit manuscript for inclusion in the conference proceedings to be distributed to the technical session participants as well as inclusion in the IEEE Xplore®.

1. Registration

The authors of accepted papers must register for the conference before submitting the manuscript. Please go to the Registration page and complete registration for conference participation and pay the designated registration fee.

If registration is not completed, the paper will be removed from the UT23 Technical Program and the manuscript will not be included in the proceedings.

Go to Registration Page

Registration fee information is on the Participants Page

2. Preparation of Manuscript

Authors of accepted papers must prepare and submit a manuscript for conference proceedings to be distributed at the conference. The manuscript should be 4 to 10 pages in the IEEE Standard double-column format.) All papers presented at the conference and included in the conference proceedings will be published on IEEE Xplore.

Manuscript Template (Word)

Manuscript Template (PDF)

3. Converting Manuscript into IEEEE compatible PDF file

In order to ensure that your pdf file is IEEE Xplore compatible, please use IEEE PDF eXpress site to convert your manuscript into a PDF file. If you have already converted your manuscript into a PDF file, you may check if the file is IEEE compatible through this site.

Log in to IEEE PDF eXpress ( and create an IEEE Xplore®-compatible PDF file of your paper.

The conference ID is: 49729X

How to convert your file into PDF file using IEEE PDF eXpress

a. For each conference paper, click “Create New Title.”

b. Enter identifying text for the paper (title is recommended but not required).

c. Click “Submit Source Files for Conversion.” Only PDFs created using IEEE PDF eXpress will be accepted.

d. Indicate platform, source file type (if applicable), click Browse and navigate to file, and click “Upload File.”

e. You will receive online and email confirmation of successful upload. You will receive an email with your IEEE PDF eXpress-converted PDF attached, usually within a day.

f. The file returned from the PDF eXpress site is the file that you will upload to the UT23 conference manuscript upload page. (Please see the step "Manuscript Upload" below.)

4. Complete Copyright Transfer Process

Inclusion of your paper in the Technical Program and Conference Proceedings requires assignment of copyright to the sponsoring Society, IEEE OES. This process is conducted on-line at the same page as uploading your paper. Make sure to complete the process before uploading your manuscript.

You will be asked to enter your Paper ID and Password to enter the site. Make sure you have your ID to proceed. If you have forgotten your Password, there is a button to retrieve your password.

Paper upload page

After you enter the site, please click the Copyright Transfer Process. This will take you to the IEEE On-line Copyright Transfer Page.

5. Manuscript Upload

Once you have successfully converted your manuscript into an IEEE compatible PDF file and completed your Copyright Transfer, you can upload the manuscript from the site below.

Paper upload page

Click Paper Upload button and select file to upload.

Should you have any questions regarding this process, please contact:

Paper upload page

6. Important Notes

All submissions will be screened for plagiarism or prepublication and the organizer reserves the right to cancel acceptance of a paper found to be plagiarized or duplicated.

The organizer plans to hold UT23 as a hybrid conferences. However, in the event the pandemic situation worsens, the meeting will be held as a fully remote conference. Final decision will be made by the beginning of February 2023.